Saturday, December 11, 2010

monkey hat! monkey hat!



hat number 2

ever so completely grateful to my friend Krista who sent along this christmas gift for E that was made by her famously talented mom (click on that line and you will see more of her work in her Etsy shop!). what an unexpected and thoughtful gift. from the first time i saw these hats on her blog i coveted one, especially THIS one... and she had no idea. you read my mind Krista. thank you so very much. your mom has amazing talent!! and i have to say it looks especially adorable on E... and baba... and, of COURSE ransom!


  1. Oh Cheeze K - this is priceless. Especially Boobalicious.

  2. You're so very welcome. I absolutely KNEW that hat was made for E. And she's totally rockin' it. Love that look on her face! But who knew it was so perfect for Ransom, too. He totally loves it. I can tell. LOL!

    PS. Happy Birthday!

  3. They are ALL adorable! love it!!!

  4. So, so cute! My three-year-old son has a bright orange tiger hat from Children's Place that also gets a lot of attention. I adore cute kids' hats!

  5. Super cute!!! And would've thought that Ransom could look so cute in a sock monkey hat?