Saturday, July 30, 2016

Help Bring Teller Home!

If you are able, please consider donating. We are working in connection with Adopt Together and every donation, no matter how small, will make a difference! As soon as the first donation is made, Adopt Together will review our profile for a possible grant as well. ALL money donated through Adopt Together for our adoption will go directly to my agency, not to me. Thank you so much for considering it and for those that, like me, live paycheck to paycheck, feel free to share on facebook, twitter, or your own blog.

Thank you from our hearts!

Saturday, June 25, 2016


 So, it's been a lifetime since posting here- and we have NEWS TO SHARE! Both Randy and I have shed tears over the last 24 hours since receiving our pre-approval to adopt Teller. YES! Ellis is going to have a little brother!!! The costs to adopt have skyrocketed since I brought her home, so yes, we are having a fundraiser. WITH an AWESOME raffle!! Just keep in mind that this will be ongoing for several months as we prepare all the paperwork to bring this sweet boy home. There are very large fees throughout the process ($3700 for this month, which includes the first agency fee and the home study cost). Every single donation, no matter how small, gets you ONE entry to win an iPad mini. Every $25 dollar donation buys you TWO entries. Then, we've decided to draw 2 more names for the runner up prize: a Kindle Fire for each :) GoFundMe doesn't allow for raffles, so you won't see that mentioned in the link below. China has given us until December 20th to get our paperwork to them. So, our goal is to raise as much as we can by then and announce the winners on December 12, my birthday! Thank you again, every last one of you! Link below if you are able to donate, or just share the page!