Wednesday, December 1, 2010

for all that i lost


i only needed this one shot to be reminded of what i have.
an entire roll of film ruined? seems a small matter
when i look at this one photo that was salvaged.

here's to december and blankets and hot chocolate and curling up
to a favorite book and playing and making ends meet
and decorating the perfect tree.
friends then
and friends now.
and family.


  1. Here, here! I'll share those sentiments with you. Happy Holidays!

  2. Bless you and your dear family!!

  3. That's E with what looks like aunt K :0)

    My Dear K (Mom K not Aunt K)-

    You are with words as you are with camera! That last stanza is classic. Seriously. I'm not trying to flatter you. You have described what childhood memories are made of. I think this picture, with E sitting at the foot of the tree and her aunt decorating the Christmas tree with her, is indicative of those things her life is imbued with: love, curiosity, nurture, safe, protection, more love, and surrounded by loved-ones and not a care in the world. This is how it should be. These are the memories that we take with us as we grow up, and long for as we grow old:0)

  4. Little bit and WIDE body..............

  5. Love, love, love this picture. It speaks volumes without having to read any words. It reminds me how precious my three daughters are. Hope you are all enjoying this holiday season!

  6. This is a gem of a photo. Not being able to see E's expression leaves me to imagine what wonder is held in that beautiful face as she marvels at the merriness of her tree. Amazing!

  7. Beautiful!! You are right, we need to be thankful for what we have, not what we don't. It is a great reminder this holiday season~

    Happy Holidays to you and your family!



  8. This photo is PERFECT!!
    And I agree with everyone else...this is TRULY the season of being thankful for all of our many blessings!

    Merry Christmas!

  9. Sometimes one shot is all it takes to bring back the sights, sounds and smells... all the memories of a special moment. The magic of film.

  10. Absolutely! My college roommate's family lost everything they had in a fire - pictures, Christmas tree ornaments, EVERYTHING. But a friend of ours told my roommate, who was understandably crying several weeks later, something that made her tears clear. She said that fire cannot take memories, and inside your head are memories to last a lifetime. I thought of that as I read your post.

  11. Wow. Of all your posts, the combination of your words and this photo made me tear up. It's just so true and beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. (You've also inspired me to get back into using film. I want to shoot with an SLR so bad but can't afford a digital. I forgot you can get the film put on disc :) )

  12. Perfect memories captured perfectly.

  13. What a perfect and heartwarming moment captured in time. Happy December. :D

  14. Tom's words are absolutely PERFECT...and exactly right. And when your childhood is NOT what it "should be"'s makes watching it BE that with your own children even MORE emotional.

    You also, Tom, hit the nail on the head with her "words." Always perfect...she needs to WRITE and SHOOT, often.

    You, my kitchu baby siser, are so blessed.