Thursday, October 18, 2012

conversations with E

E: Mama did you kiss Baba a lot? (After her inquiries to our beginnings at age 17).

Mom: I guess I did sweetie.

E: did you kiss him for a long time? Your mom let you?

Mom: sometimes I did and at 17 yes, my mom let me.

E: well I want a boyfriend (grinning).

Mom: oh you do? How come?

E: well so I can kiss him all kind of different ways.

Mom: (help us now): all different ways? What different ways?

E: long kisses and kisses with my eyes closed.

Mom: well it's true a good kiss will make you close your eyes, but I think you might be a little young for a boyfriend and kissing. Do you like a boy in school?

E: no I want to kiss a stranger.

(No, no alarm bells HERE).

Mom: a stranger? Like who a stranger?!

 E: well that boy from the movie like in Princess Diaries because he surprise her and kiss her.

And so the crushes begin....and the clock keeps ticking, forward forward, no matter how hard i try to stall and stop it!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

our little family
i am so blessed...