Saturday, November 6, 2010

where am i, where i am

pretty much just working. five 12 hour shifts in 7 days, to be exact, and that leaves little time for anything else but catching up on laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc. today we'll head off for our local fall arts festival because the high is going to be 65. the skies are a porcelain blue, clear, and sunny. it's a perfect day. if only i didn't have to wake at 0530 on a sunday to head back into the grind of another 12 hour shift.

i'm also not shooting as much digital anymore and have moved back to the original: film. i just got my first holga (google that) and am using the Pentax K-1000 again. since i have to actually have the film developed, well, it takes a bit more time. i love the anticipation. i love not remembering what i shot in a roll. it's like the old days. i am hoping to win the lottery as well so i can buy my dream camera: the hasselblad. not gonna happen, since i don't play, but good dreams are still good dreams. mine is big, to the tune of 30K. spare a dime?

ransom is holding his own and so far this round of chemo is exactly as i'd hoped: uneventful (with the exception of short bout of pretty decent diarrhea that led to some accidents- poor boy). he's so brave.

e is thriving in school, WEARING SHOES (!!!), got her first bad cut on the head that oozed for hours and required that bandaid stuff that's like glue. what is it called? no clue, but it worked like a charm. frustrating that it was under all her hair, though. i'd bore you with the latest bus drama but it isn't worth it on my one day off. let's just say that i win first for multitasking like a pro and getting the ridiculous problem solved. i am rapidly falling out of love with her driver. i wish there were some other way to get her to after school care.

maybe i should reconsider purchasing that lotto ticket.

off to the festival. here are some random pics from prior lazy days spent doing what we love. snuggling with The Boob, nature, walks, feeding turtles, collecting rocks :)



orchid in sunlight

(heck no these aren't my legs, don't i wish. sister is the athlete).

brick and herbs

rock collection

daughter in the mirror


go make the most of this day!


  1. Sounds like you have the perfect day in store....enjoy!!

    The 12 hour (night) shifts have worn me down. Had to call in (mental health call in) Wed. night. It was time to regroup and refocus!

    Hang in there :)

  2. wonderful photos (as always). love those rocks (collecting them; we do that here).

  3. Go back and check out the "Mom stance" Karen has going on! I laughed and cried at the same time. Beautiful pictures as always. Will YOU come take our Christmas pic this year, please?

  4. Film! Hard to believe you can still buy the stuff!

    Sounds like things are good... besides of course, the working too much and chemo. I'm glad the boob is holding his own... stong boy!

    Hope your enjoying a perfectly lovely afternoon at the festival. <3

  5. Film is divine. Your sister is a hottie.

  6. Work and a little play. I know it well. Love the pics!

  7. IS that a PUPPY Picture! What a cutie.

  8. I know the play is what helps you get through the work. I hope you had a grand day off.

  9. Hi, friend. Is there a way to make the train image leave the screen so that I can read the text? I am missing quite a bit of what you have written. :-( Maybe everyone else but me knows how to do that.

  10. Charming snippets... love the reflection and pebble shots in particular.

  11. katie i don't know what is wrong with your browser. there is a white background that i type on and post photos, the train is only at the very edges, in fact, you can't see the train because it's covered up by the white.

  12. Once again you take some of the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen. You have a great eye.