Monday, November 22, 2010

chemo: round 3

at the clinic

aw geez.
oh for pete's sake. really? i mean. really? this again?

blood draw

he is such a trooper. no change in the tumors, but holding his own. blood work was fine, though ransom was not thrilled with being stuck several times in multiple locations to obtain said blood. we are so lucky that he's had the same vet and assistants for the last 7 years.

he is so brave and he has my heart.

here's to round 3 and shrinkage. go away tumors.


  1. Poor little guy. I thought I had something to complain about with Toby. He has an ulcer in his right eye and WILL NOT allow any drops to go in that eye regardless of how you hold him. I have to trick him (that's for another story). The vet. today had to sedate him just to get a look at what was happening in that damaged eye! But all that is NOTHING- zero -compared to what Ransom is going through. I really would like to meet him someday.

  2. Well Ransom is my doggie-hero. What an adorable little guy he is for sure. Boobalicious and wonderful and strong. What a guy.

  3. sending loving, caring and healing vibes.


  4. I hope the tumours start to respond soon.

  5. The Boob is da Bomb!!

    Shrink, begone, go away!!!!

    And that first photo...omg...priceless!!

  6. Good luck Boob. Thinking of you buddy.

  7. Oh my gosh!!! Even in the dark valleys you capture the most amazing expressions. The "really?" one is INCREDIBLE...and the one of E taking him in...

    Your pictures write VOLUMES.

    Amen on go away...

  8. AWWW! Poor baby! I hope those nasty tumors SHRINK! Love that first pic! Wow!

  9. No matter how it turns out for Ransom, what's most important is you are all there for him during this difficult journey...