Sunday, November 28, 2010

the tree is up!

vintage cameras

e on the wall


help me

yes i do have style

and we have no photos of that. yet.

lesson number one. before packing up the one camera you've decided to use, and shooting 36 photos (from selecting the tree to strapping it on the car to hauling it into the home), it's probably a fantastic idea to make sure your camera has, you know, film in it. because, apparently, you might forget the ole pentax k1000 still advances to the next shot, even when its not actually recording a thing you are shooting (you know, without the necessary film).

and while we're on that subject, the next day? when you and the family decide to do some antique shopping (see photos above) and browse main street in a sleepy and quaint nearby town? try not to curse your pentax to the bowels of camera hell when your shutter seems to freeze up and your film won't advance. try rewinding it before opening the back to "check" if it even has film in it after lesson number one was learned. and by no means assume that you just loaded that roll and then proceed to remove and obliterate the lot of it.

and since this is in fact a lesson, maybe choose just one camera instead of hauling all 4. that might clear up confusion about which has film and which doesn't, which was rewound, which was loaded, which was prepped by a 3 frame advance before you remove the lens to begin capturing the beauty of your day. you get the picture. (or in this case, you lose it).

digital back-up. my new plan. thankful i have a few from our day because of that plan. :O)

(and yes, i am aware that the santa in the store window is both a little scary and also kind of sad in a lonely sort of way).


  1. I;m sure your tree looks awesome!!
    And don't feel bad...many years ago Frank & I were traveling through British COlumbia, driving from Calgary to Banff (one of the most beautiful scenic drives EVER!), snapping away with our camera, only to realize that night, yep, you guessed film in the camera. We drove BACK the next day & did it all over again!!!!

  2. Have to say, the "Flickr, this picture is currently unavailable" message I'm getting when loading this page this morning feels particularly appropriate in the light of your post!

    Hope you can sort the cameras for the next lot.

  3. Beautiful images, we have a lot of old cameras which we have collected over the years. When we finish expanding our house, my husband will make a small space for a dark room. He shoots primarily on film.

    That last shot of her with the sunglasses and her hello kitty watch is precious!

  4. Maybe Santa will bring you some stickums so you can label which camera needs what? :o)
    It all sounds too confusing to me.

    My grandpa had a camera in a leather case like the one in your photo. Thanks for the memory.

  5. Oh my gosh...laughing so hard my side hurts. I just want to know DID you DEAL with all this in the "family name" kind of way? Were your teeth smashed together as you YANKED that &^%#@ film out of the camera? Huh, was it, huh, huh???

    I love you kitchu.

  6. Dealing with film seems like such a distant memory... good luck!