Thursday, November 18, 2010


this was shot with the pentax K1000 using Ilford HP Plus 400 speed film. i am in love with the soft grain that you can never achieve with digital photos. something always comes out looking a bit harsh. and since i'm pretty much a "straight out of the camera" photographer, i was especially pleased with such a perfect capture of one stunning little girl.

i spend more time here ( if ) as i am finding words to be inadequate lately, and am loving the joy and peace that shooting always brings me. it is a need, not just a love. i won't ditch digital, ever, but it is so nice to be working with the original :)


  1. I always prefer film. There is nothing like it. I detest photos that are heavily photoshopped, you know the ones. People look plastic because every expression has been erased and the skin smoothed out. Those are very in vogue with the mommy photography crowd. You see these poor children in overly bright and saturated photographs with the pre-requisite giant bow on their heads.

  2. That is a beautiful shot of your sweet girl!

  3. perfect!


    PS. I had a little chuckle at Yoli's comment. Tee hee!

  4. Lovely photo. So natural and happy looking.

  5. As usual your photography is stunning.

  6. The smile on her face is worth the whole roll of film...