Monday, August 8, 2011

us lately

put the toy down. slowly. no sudden moves, okay? just puuuut the toy down and no one gets hurt.

put the toy down. slowly. no sudden moves, okay? just puuuut the toy down and no one gets hurt.


trips for treats.

one happy family! all love!

one happy family! all love!

i can't see! oh. my eyes are closed.

crazy playtime with hiro-san and favorite (growing up so fast) little girl!

ellis: "get me out of here"!

E: "get me out of here!"

fingers!!! mine.... they are all mine....

ah! fingers! mine, all mine!

belly CPR

we call this "belly CPR"


which leads to "oooof".

the best medicine: laughing with family

and lots of laughter.

hee heeee! (let me eat your shoe).

there's been some flight time.

sure i'd love a secon cup

and a little tea time.
"sure, i'd love a second cup. 2 sugars if you please".

upside down smiles

there have been upside down giggles.

tug of war


love love love




and lots of this...

mama, mei mei and hiro nakamura

family :)


cutie pie

life is never all smiles and fun and rolling around on the floor, soaking in the infectious joy a new puppy brings or celebrating the milestones of your beautiful and growing daughter. it is filled with countless challenges and the mundane routines, that are so easy to get bogged down in that you easily lose sight of what these photos represent: the essence of who we truly are as a family. at our core, this is our foundation. but on our individual and collective paths there are numerous and sometimes what appear to be insurmountable "bumps" in what can appear to be a seamless and smooth road. life is not meant to be this way- handed to us on a silver platter, something to be taken for granted- and we are not foolish or naive enough to believe that. yesterday i stopped dead in my tracks as i said to E, 'well we were teaching Ransom to "touch" at puppy class, remember, as a way to come to us when he is called?"... and the tears came. the knot in my throat and chest stayed with me most of the afternoon. yesterday E was told it was time she moved to her big girl room (again)- with all kinds of encouragement and support, picking out a new toy and canopy for her bed, a chart of her choice printed with smiley face stickers for each night she does sleep there and bigger rewards at the end of each week she is successful. she slept there for the first time in months, after what seemed a smooth and easy transition in January (she has been back in our room since the end of February). and though it went well, all things considered, it certainly was not easy for her. and in this space, on this site, i don't speak to her physical challenges which are private because they are hers. but they are still there, our reality. it has been 2 years and g and i have yet to have a date save one night (thank you aunt "kayen" and uncle jay) over a year ago when we drove to another city to see Ellis Paul.

and kindergarten is exactly 2 weeks away, from this day.

so many milestones as a family. so many milestones for her and her small and fragile heart. lots of stressors. lots of pressure and strain. so much light and love and happiness. we are incredibly blessed.


  1. blessings to all of you and what a sweet green t-shirt of man's bestest ever friend.

  2. Hmm I thought E was the same year in school as Mali...but she is the same grade as Soph!! I loooove kindergarten it! The only school pics I have hanging up in the house are Ben and Hannah's Kinder pics. And this year I get to add Soph! (you know you will have to breakdown and buy those awful things)

    Such good times ahead!!

  3. These photos define happiness!! LOVE them! And they brought a few tears to my eyes too...knowing a little bit of just how much it took for you all to get to where you are.

    Great post, K, beautifully written, gorgeously photographed...such a beautiful, beautiful family!

    P.s. Don't feel almost 6 years, Frank & I have had only 2 nights out!!

  4. The dog is so very cute. I wish I could hug him and I wouldn't mind if he licked my face.

    So happy for your happy family!

  5. I wish we could meet some day. I think our parenting styles and daughters are so similar, different special needs, but similar physical manifestations. I have yet to leave my daughter (it's only been 4 months that we've been together) and I don't see any time in the future when I will. My daughter's bed is still right up against my own and there aren't any plans to change that arrangement, though she's napped just fine and dandy on her bed in her room.

  6. love that you share your heart so eloquently, thank you.

  7. Blessings abound! The challenges in our lives only make us stronger and the moments of smiles, giggles and rolling on the floor with joy and laughter make those challenges worthwhile. Hugs to all of you!

  8. Beautiful pictures! Love the beautiful smiles. E will do great in Kindergarten. When Bri started Kindergarten last week, it was really emotional for me. And Bri was really nervous but tackled the first day like a champ. Can't wait to hear all about E's Kindergarten adventures!

  9. Tears swell in my eyes as I look at all this pictures. Sad tears that we have not spent more time together, that the boys have still not met E, and sad that there are 1100 miles between us. Happy tears that God's blessings are bubbling over in all of you...

    Absolutely beautiful pictures, as always.

  10. I couldn't have said it better than kayce.

  11. It's good to see a smile on your face. Hugs, my friend.