Monday, August 29, 2011

what is this?

the oaks


garden path

garden of bamboo

(pentax k1000, kodak ektar 100, set to ISO 400)

how i am in love with this "blue hue" bamboo, no doubt a fluke of my mishap at setting my ISO too high.

we have decided, at last (!) after a 2 year engagement (that took place in China, no less) to set a date and marry beneath this plant we love so much, in a place that has become almost sacred to us, come winter. this time of year will be mild, green, beautiful, and cool, as is the case in our region. an intimate gathering of immediate family and close friends, something simple with little fuss.

i am terrible at planning such things, so the challenge begins. one that i welcome with a small measure of angst. i can't wait to say "i do".


  1. I'm so happy for you! What a magical wedding it will be. :D

  2. "And still, after all this time, the Sun has never said to the Earth,
    "You owe me."
    Look what happens with love like that.
    It lights up the sky."
    — Rumi

    I can see your light from here!


  3. congratulations; I know a beautiful little girl who will make a lovely flower girl!!

  4. It's about doggone time! You guys have been teasing us for two years now (kidding).

    If it hadn't been for the no-use-of-names-rules to stop me, last year I almost posted "Merry Christmas to Oprah and Stedman!" on your blog. LOL. Again, I kid:0)

    If I was there right this second, I'd give you and G-man a hug. Blessings and a happy life together. TL

  5. Love that Rumi quote above. It will be s beautiful wedding no matter anything else, because you two are beautiful, your live is true& itwill be a grand celebration of all of that. We are thrilled for you!!!!

  6. Congratulations!!!!

  7. O.K. I know I have a pretty notorious sense of humor, so I should explain myself. In case you didn't get it, I jokingly used Oprah and her main squeeze Stedman in my comment above because those two have been together for a long time and have never gotten married. So naturally, I had to draw an silly comparison. Ha! :-)

  8. Wonderful! So very happy for you all :P

  9. I'm so happy for you both! What a blessing.

    (I vaguely remember that you two met up again years later after dating in an earlier life(?) Is that right? Very romantic!)

  10. Congratulations! When I first looked at the pictures, I thought "what a magical place", it will undoubtedly hold a very special place in your heart forever :)

  11. Wonderful good news!