Saturday, August 13, 2011

thoughts toward heaven

cloud happiness

storm happiness

cloud happiness
(yashi, fuji pro 400, film)

listening to this and thinking of my mother, who would have celebrated her 75th year this monday, August 15th. how my heart aches missing her and swirls still in unbelief at her passing. how my heart soars in the knowledge that she is present here with me, in this same heart. my eyes look toward the clouds and a place called heaven, that resides much closer to me than the skies. but somehow, i am comforted looking up.


  1. I understand. There are always a few days a year that are the toughest, birthdays being one of them.

    Thinking of you.

  2. Seventy five is WAY too young to be gone, despite how others in our society define young or old age-wise.

    I know exactly what you mean when you wrote "unbelief at her passing." There are moments when I feel that way about my GM, now gone for almost three years. I have no way of describing the emotional package I experience at the realization that she's gone. I can't correlate the emotions with words because none exist in the English language (not trying to sound overly dramatic).

    Happy birthday to your mom. I know you miss her dearly.

  3. tom you are so right. there are no words in any language that correlate to this kind of loss. you always speak to my heart and find the words i cannot bring forth.

    she left us before she reached 70. too young indeed.

  4. beautiful post k. i, too, look up. i long, as i'm sure you do, to feel her presence. i pray she visits you in your dreams.

    in the meantime...have a PB&J on rye, chips, and some pickles in her honor. love you.

  5. I understand
    My mom left us 6 weeks ago, it is so hard