Monday, January 24, 2011

this is Jiji.
This is where Jiji sleeps when
she isn't camped out on our bellies,
chests, heads, or any body part she
can find.

a little bed.
for a little kitten.

just for her.

or so i thought.

this is Ransom.
Ransom is not a kitten.

even having put on a few pounds, he's dreaming big
if he thinks he can curl up in this bed.

but you can't blame the lug for wishing.
and Jiji? she knew he'd give her the bed back.


i have to say, she's pretty sweet for sharing
and giving him a turn


  1. Oh my goodness. That is too funny and cute!

  2. Ranson you are a little too big for this bed !
    Jiji you are a good girl with your big 'brother'.

    a love the pets.
    have a good day

    Severine and Victoire

  3. aw, soooooo sweet...started my day off just right : D


  4. Too cute. I often find our biggest dog curled up on the smallest bed because the little dog thinks she is in charge and hogs the big bed.

  5. That's hilarious!!!glad to see they Jiji is fitting in just fine to the family!!

  6. Boy I needed a smile tonight. Too sweet.

  7. Love it! sure gave me a chuckle!

  8. So sweet! Glad to see that Ransom and Jiji coexist peacefully.

  9. Cute! I always love the fact that a dog never realizes his size (just today I posted a pic on FB of one of the danes sitting in the chihuahua and dachshunds' bed!). It's great that they are able to share without any "tiffs!"

  10. I'm so glad they get along. And old Ransom, me he seems a little bit...oh, how shall I say this delicately... territorial. Almost as if he were saying (in a grumpy but kiddish and benevolent way), "This is MY house, newbie. This is MY bed, too. You ain't been here long enough to own anything." And then, after he's made his point, he walks away from the bed, with his interest turning to the sound of a doorbell going off, or the voice of his masters in an adjacent room:0)

    Can you let me know how he's doing? Any changes?

  11. Awww! That is so sweet. It looks like they are getting along well.

  12. Guess Ransom wanted to seize the day and give everything a try... Carpe Diem!

  13. This made me laugh!! Can't blame the Boob for tryin'! ;) LOL!!


  14. Ahhh, that's hillarious!
    Looks like they're getting along!
    Krista D

  15. I honestly do not know which is cuter. The wee sweet kitten or the roly poly Ransom thinking he can fit in that bed. This is adorable.

  16. Oh, now THAT is adorable. I love that Jiji shared. And that Ransom is fairly clueless about his bulk.