Sunday, January 30, 2011

the neglected blog update, with a party no less!

she turned 5 a couple weeks ago, but the big sha-bang was today. and mom has really put the camera down lately to enjoy the activity and missed a lot of moments... like the one when she signed the special birthday chair with this name: "E**** Lotta". yep. chose Lola's (of Charlie and Lola fame) best friend to use as her last name it seems, and we're fine with that. the bday party was held at our local museum of natural history, and was a huge hit with her and all of her friends. she was especially pleased to be in this special birthday chair :)

they made their own buttons to wear.

did some coloring.

made FOSSILS. ours is in the kitchen. fossilizing.

toured some of the museum of natural history.

dug in the sand for shark teeth

and found an entire set

opened a few gifts

blew out exactly 5 candles

and i caught at least one nephew (Alex) on camera in his totally rad sunglasses...

e with cousin Colin

this was the best i could do of my brother's boys
(Alex, Ethan behind Dylan, Colin).
after cake, they never stopped moving!

E had such a blast and as we drove away, Aunt Dawn and Uncle Brad couldn't hear
her waving and yelling "I will love you!" and "Be careful!" (she is forever
the one giving instructions).

as we pulled off, she had me roll her window down so she could yell to her
granddad and her other aunt and uncle,
"I love you guys!"

my god we are so blessed.


  1. It looks like your girl had a great time! Happy birthday to E!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! Happy Birthday, E! Love the signed chair idea too!

  3. Ohhh looks so fun! Love the chair idea. And "I will love you" is the best ever! Happy Birthday Miss E!

  4. Happy Be-lated Birthday E!!!
    Looks like a FUN party!

  5. Happy Birthday, E. Sounds like a great party!

  6. Happy Birthday to E! Love how you had the party at a museum, very cool they could make fossils!
    5 is my favorite age. :)

  7. Love the birthday chair. Glad a good time was had by all.

  8. The birthday chair is fantastic! What a fun time she had, she looks like she enjoyed it all. Your brother has a baseball team! Adorable boys. Five is a wonderful age, enjoy all of it.

  9. Great party!! Love the birthday chair! And I am glad you put down the camera so that you could soak in these very blessed & magical moments!!

    Happy, Happy, birthday
    Miss E Lotta! :)

    HUGS, my friend!!

  10. Indeed you are so blessed, and may the Year of the Rabbit rain even more showers of blessings upon your family!


    friendly from France
    Severine mother of Victoire

  12. Happy belated birthday sweet girl. Looks like a great time was had by all. :)

  13. Oh boy...I'm so behind on blog reading.
    Very happy belated birthday to the amazing Miss E.