Thursday, January 6, 2011

(pentax k1000, film fuji pro 100)

i swear we are all alive, and breathing, and well! it has been a whirlwind beginning to 2011 and the weather though crisp has been gorgeous so we find ourselves opting for long walks or when it's too cold (or rainy as it was yesterday), indoors playing new games on the W*i - which has been, i have to admit, a complete blast. i'm also posting more often here, as one of my cameras follows me everywhere i go and lately i have been a girl of few words.

i promise a proper update soon, as this month promises activities and hope: E's 5th bday in 11 days, a second opinion about her spine and brain from a highly recommended neurosurgeon in a city not far from us (and with this, the hope of detethering of her spinal cord), ransom who is holding his own and still doing beautifully in spite of those tumors, and my desire to return to school in the fall :) more on that later!

off to embrace a bright, sunny, 63 degree day!


  1. Happiness & hope abounding in your household these days!! I LOVE it!!!!

  2. Lovely, sounds like you've truly embraced the spirit of the new year!

  3. Cold? In your neck of the woods? WOW. I thought about throwing all my coats away when I move to you-know-where, but perhaps I should rethink that. My relatives, so it appears, have a lot to clue me in.

    Well, looks like your life is moving along swimmingly! It would be so awesome- if not MIRACULOUS!- if something could be done for E. What a beautiful thought to fill one's mind with:0) Please keep me up-to-date with what the dr.'s say.

    I'm also quite glad to hear that Ransom is hanging in there. He's a fighter. But also KNOW that love, which they undoubtedly detect instinctively, is arguably the most effective medicine he can receive right now. I wholeheartedly believe they (animals) have a soul that is destined to be with the same Creator you mom and my grandmother are with, waiting for our turn when the time is right.

    As you know, I spend a lot of time thinking about this stuff. Recently it dawned on me that calling our deceased loved-ones a "MY grandmother" or "MY friend" or "MY mother" were descriptions that are entirely anthropocentric and anthropomorphic. In the next life, where strangers and alienation don't exist, and the old knowledge has been replaced by a knowledge that to us right know is both incomprehensible and unimaginable, the proper term, I think, will be "our." As a matter of fact, we can start applying that term now since OUR loved-ones are with God, and where God is so are they, and as you know God is omnipresent. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that "my" loved-ones, through God, are as much yours as they are mine. This is true of every human being. I think Thomas Merton understood this relationship when he once wrote, "There is no way of telling people that they are walking around shining like the sun...”

    Did i just go off on a crazy tangent? If I did, please delete my comments.

    Looks like the J's and the Pf's rock in Januaries. So many b-days in the same month! Can you tell me what the odds of that happening are? LOL.

  4. K- I was so tired when I wrote my above comments that after re-reading them I see that some clarification and focus is needed. Anyhoo, what I was trying to say is that in our next life "my or mine", or the sense of possession those terms imply when it comes to our loved-ones will be entirely outgrown. We will all be "ours." Again, I don't mean this as some generic theological Kumbaya, and I doubt we'll all be singing Hakuna matata with cherubins flying above us in diapers;0) But what I think those boundaries that currently separate us: unfamiliarity, suspicion, alienation, prejudice, etc., will all have passed away. I think Scripture and some of the greatest mystics in Church history support this belief. Hope I made more sense.

  5. Sounds like 2011 holds lots of promise for you and yours!!!

    Happy to hear Ransom is hanging in there... And hopeful that the neurosurgeon will have great news for E! (one of my coworkers adopted a 4 year old from China about 6 months ago and she just had surgery for a tethered cord!)

  6. Happy to hear all is well! Hard to believe it's so chilly in Florida these days...that photo looks like a typical day in Nov. here ;)

    Praying for great news from the neurosurgeon & prayers for Ransom too.

    Let me know which W*ii games you like best so far...we are having a blast with Sports, but will need something new soon :)

  7. Balmy winter days spent outdoors seem perfect to me. I'm glad that you get to enjoy them.

  8. Life sounds good! Glad to hear it :) Happy New Year!!

  9. Great start to a beautiful New Year..
    Krista D
    ps.. just sent an e-mail to you..

  10. May you be showered with blessings in 2011!

  11. E is such a beautiful girl....sounds like she's full of life like our E!

    And, what an awesome photographer you are....