Wednesday, January 12, 2011

i don't talk about my work often. it's something that is just a part of my life & one that i grumble about too frequently. it rarely seems worth much attention here. when my friend Norma tagged me in this photo on FB, i was really overwhelmed by how proud i felt looking at all of us. there are 3 fairly new nurses in this picture, i'm one of the oldest at 43 (center in green and black). and those new nurses (in spite of my grumbling) have really renewed me in so many ways. they bring to us new knowledge and energy and prompt us to recall why we chose this career in the first place. because trust me, when you work on a furiously active unit dealing with cancer on a daily basis, renewal of spirit is essential. burn out is high. we have substantial turnover on our floor and seem to always be struggling to have enough staff to feel adequately supported. and it saddens me, because it seems it is always the best of the best that take wing and find their niche elsewhere. i certainly don't begrudge them. i'd be a hypocrite if i said i'd never thought of finding a place to work that is less intense.

but this floor has been a second home now for over 12 years. these people, even the ones that only arrived a matter of months ago, are like family.

anyway. seeing us huddled here together, saying good-bye to one greatly cherished friend and co-worker, emphasized how blessed i feel to be in the trenches with some of the best people (and best nurses) i have ever known. i've been in a steady slump at work lately- tired, stressed, and essentially, burned out. this photo affirmed some of the foremost reasons i love this field and especially the reasons i love this floor. we are a great team. and this is just a small sampling... behind each and every one of us are the hundreds of patients that have helped shape who we are and who have magnified the best in us.


  1. This photo speaks volumes of that affirmation you spoke of! Cheers to you, your crew & all you do...your patients are very lucky to have you all. Hugs to you!

  2. I learnt a few years ago that some of the best nurses ever are the ones on the cancer wing. You are the best of the best and I truly hope you feel appreciated. It takes someone very special to do what you do.

  3. I would LOVE a day to work with you my friend. I can almost feel the support!


  4. Wow...I think I could have written this post :) Last night I attended a "recognition banquet" for work; I was receiving an award for 15 years of employment. It was eye-opening to look around and see how few of us there were; most of the award recipients were getting their 5 year award. Working in the NICU, burnout is high. It seems thankless most days. I complain. But really? I am blessed to have a full-time job in which I only work three nights a week, I have found a second family in my coworkers, and have made some lifelong friends with the patient's families. I may grumble about having to do "post mortem care" and the footprints and foot/hand/face castings that go along with it. But it's when a family sends a card years later that said those castings have meant the world to them.....then I remember to just be thankful and appreciated for the work I do!!

    Nurses rock!! :)

  5. What a beautiful, smart and dedicated group of women!

  6. Just out of the hospital and all I can say is that Nurses Rock!


    You are so gifted, my baby sister. Keep your heart right where He made you to be...carrying for His most in-need children. When my time comes, I pray YOU'RE my nurse.

    Carpe Diem!

  8. You all look happy.

    Glad you found some energy.