Friday, October 15, 2010

laughter is the best medicine...


and e?
well, she has the best laugh.


  1. So beautiful! I don't know how you can stand it.

  2. It truly IS the best medicine! And I bet E has a fantastic laugh.

    Last night, we got together with our friends (Panda Pals....two other sets of sisters from China) and as the three of us moms sat inside catching up, we marveled at the six girls really LAUGHING together outside and how beautiful the sound was.

  3. I think you should check out this blog. You both are going through very similar events with your furry children. You both might be comfort to one another.

  4. Ab. So. Lu. Te. Ly.

    You already know this but I will say it anyway...

    Death is not something we can prepare for. It can come fast or slow but there is nothing we can do to get ready for it.

    What we can do is embrace the now. E's smile is the now. Embrace it and smile with her.

  5. I just smile and smile when I look at this picture. Les just said "are you looking at E again?" I had ot confess that I was.

  6. Laughter should be prescribed first and foremost by doctors! :) Enjoy your girls medicine.

  7. And it is often the laughter of our little ones that soothes our souls at the end of a long tough day... makes is all worthwhile.