Wednesday, July 28, 2010

i knew the kid was smart, but maybe i underestimated HOW smart.

so we have this thing about drinking lots of fluids in this house- especially water. thankfully, E really likes water. and if you are questioning why we make such a fuss: well, it all comes down to keeping her kidneys and bladder "flushed" to prevent those pesky infections. anyway. she didn't have the best output this afternoon, so i handed her a glass of water and said the usual, "you need to drink this one all gone, okay?" and she obliged. or so i thought. i came to fetch her for bath, and she volunteers (this is a first) to climb the stairs herself. she will always opt for mom to carry her. i am flabbergasted and thrilled and say, "okay, sure". as she begins ascending, i'm picking up her cup off of the coffee table. i feel some moisture under my feet. i ask: "hey E, did you spill your water?" to which she replies, "no, i didn't". so i figure it's dog slobber after a visit to the water bowl. it happens. he's a bulldog.

i follow her upstairs and then pick her up to put her on her bed to begin undressing. her pants are soaked. i am befuddled, since we just emptied her bladder a couple of hours ago and it's not time to do it again. i rattle on:

"wow sweetie, i didn't know you had to go again. you can tell me when you get wet, okay?"

e: "okay mama".

i proceed to empty her bladder again. uhm. hmmm. isn't that interesting that there is almost no output?

i tilt my head, and say again... "E. did you spill the water?"

she sheepishly puts her head down and says, "yes, i did". clear as day.

mom: "sweetie, just tell me next time, it's okay. spills happen".

i'm still in awe that she knew i'd feel her clothes if she opted for the RIDE up the stairs. stinker.


  1. Pretty darn smart! Not only is she as cute as cute can be...but as smart as smart can be, as well!!! Just love the picture!


  2. Yeah, she is one smart stinker!

  3. She is one smart and quite adorable little girl....... I love this picture too. That big beautiful smile could light up the darkest of rooms:)

    Have a great week~


  4. Smart, gorgeous, AND a totally rockin' that awesome dress!!

  5. That's your girl! Our girls are SMART! We are scxxxd! ;0) In a great way, isn't it nice?! ;0)

  6. Very smart girl!!! That photo is great! Reminds me of the King in Shrek ;)

  7. Oh.. you are in for such a fun & brains....HA!.....=)

  8. hmmmm...she has the makings of an evil genius! If she needs any lessons to hone her craft you know where to send her!

    I love her in that dragon dress!

  9. She is going to keep you on your toes for sure.

  10. Uh oh. I wonder why she didn't want you to know? She's a bright one, that's certain.

  11. Such are the signs of our children growing up... it isn't necessarily the pencil marks edging up the wall ;-)