Wednesday, July 14, 2010

conversation with E.

E, "big bed" her favorite place

E: this one, which one? (holding photograph of my mom)

Me: that is my mama. she would be your "Tata", like your grandma in Texas. you have 2 grandmas.

E: really? 2?

Me: yep, but my mama, your Tata, she is all gone. she is in heaven so we can't see her right now.

E: mama, i think you should hug her

Me: (fighting tears) i would like that so much and the next time i see her, that's the first thing i am going to do

E: you see her which one?

Me: when I go to heaven, like we all will, someday

E: sunday??

Me: no, sweet pea, probably not suNday... but soMeday... much later

E: well, i want to come heaven with you


  1. WOW! I love her conversations...out of the mouths of babes! and a beautiful one at that! :)


  2. We used to have conversations like this with our E about her Grandpa on her Papa's side. I was always amazed at her thoughtfulness and grace- just like your E.
    I admire the gentle but truthful way you speak to her.

  3. Oh my that was so touching it brought me to tears sweet ellis

  4. A very beautiful conversation. OH goodness her smile is just full of life and joy!

  5. My DD1 has said similar things that have reduced me to tears recently. She is 3y9m and knows that Granny and Grandpa are sitting on the stars, she thinks that it's time that they came down now - she even offered to get them a ladder to help them down. This week she's been making cards and letters to give to Granny.
    Just like E, my DD1 never knew her Granny and Grandpa, it's so important to me that she knows lots about them.
    Hugs from England (Granddad getting married tomorrow, otherwise we'd be home in Wales!)
    Whatshername's Mummy

  6. What a beautiful smile. Treasured moments like this are a gift.

  7. What a great conversation. She is beautiful. Also made me cry.
    Vicki in PA

  8. Beautiful!! My parents are both in Heaven and this conversation so touched me. I miss my parents but I miss them for my kids even more.

  9. She's such a sweet little girl. This made me cry too. My MIL passed on in February and we have had some similar conversations like this in our house too.

  10. That is so sweet and she is so beautiful. I am honored to be able to follow along. Thank you.

  11. That face can melt steel!!

    "sunday??" LOL.

  12. This picture...I NEED it. Big please. The post brought on a flood of tears.

    My dearest E...
    Your Tata knew of your pending arrival. I know in my heart that her strong fight to stay in this world was in part to finally be able to meet you, sweet girl. I imagine her walking down the streets of HHills right beside to you. She would show you the pond, feed the ducks with you, laugh and giggle with you, and listen better than any human I have ever met. I so wish you could hold her hand and feel her like your Mommy, UncleBJ, AuntK, and I did. She ALWAYS felt so "home." Your introduction to her, soMeday, will be GLORIOUS. In the meantime, sweet angel, know that she is watching over you and loves every single inch of you.

    I love you,

    P.S. Tell your mommy to write a BOOK. And let me know if "She NO LISTEN."

  13. I am in tears too... What a sweet soul :-)

  14. I am rather fragile today, you know. And this post (and Kim's comment, for that matter) have DONE ME IN. What a sweetheart...soMeday will be lovely.

  15. So lovely. Thanks for sharing....

  16. Beautiful K!!! Made me cry as well!

  17. Ok, I am crying too.
    The bike and this story...your girl is a blessing beyond measure dear Kris.

  18. Sweetest words ever! E is a gift.

  19. Our heavenly Father will make it so...