Monday, June 28, 2010

rough starts, beautiful endings- weekend(s) in review

last saturday. our favorite pizza joint. since school has ended, and E has grown accustomed to naps, we've introduced them into her at home schedule. this day (2 saturday's ago), she'd missed one and was pretty hungry. the food at our fave pizza place (local) took a little while to arrive.

she does grumpy pretty well.
(and don't ask about the bows. lately, she wants bows in her hair).

so much for that tomboy :O)

she warmed up once she could "sit by mama"
and had some pizza in her tummy.

2 sunday's ago. drivin' mamas car.

this past saturday night. i'd worked all day and came
home to her first bump on the head. saturday is
"big bed" night, she gets to sleep with us for
10 minutes or so before she's back in her toddler bed.
here we are reading a fave book "Give Me Grace",
she calls it the "monday tuesday" book.

a cherished gift from a good friend.

hammin' up the injury

a nature walk, at her
request, no less!

some cherished blooms she carried home
given to her by baba

this dragonfly seemed to invite me to photograph it.
kept bobbing it's head up and down like..
"take another. come on".

i used my macro lens, so had to get very close for these.
maybe the 150% humidity was keeping him still?

is it me or does he have a cute smile?

ditto on this butterfly. they always fly away.
not today.
paused and posed.

cardinal's nest (we did see the bird... he didn't hang
around for a mug shot)

leaves of many sorts

time to head home...

i could do this every day.


  1. sweet photos! Maddie is also a total "hua" girl- she LOVES flowers- turns out it's the one word she knows in Chinese (Hua) but will not say in English! Loves to pick them, collect them, and put them in the collection of mini vases we have on the kitchen windowsill. Looks like you had a wonderful fun family and outdoors-ey kind of weekend! The best kind!

  2. For what it's worth, I love your photography! You're a great photographer!

    I'm also loving the expressions. I'm totally like E: grumpy when hungry, happy just after I've eaten. LOL.

  3. I love her big beautiful smile..... she is just so sweet. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend...... those dragonfly photos are simply amazing....the detail is incredible!!

    Pizza always turns a frown upsidedown here too!!

    Have a wonderful week~


  4. Love it! Great, great pics!!

  5. pizza is a sure bet to turn our kids from hungry monsters into little angels too! E looks like she had a fab weekend! I love the bump on the head shot!

  6. I love these pictures, all of them! But, that last one is just adorable.


  7. What a beautiful smile she has.... Luv her grump face.

  8. LOVE that smile...
    Looks like overall a great few days..
    Great photos..

  9. Love the pics will have to show A the draganfly now that she has become one at school. Sorry about the owy.

  10. What wonderful pictures! The nature ones are excellent (as always), but my favorite is of you and your girl...just beautiful!

    Enjoy your day!

  11. Great macros. Perhaps someone up there wanted to make it a perfect day for you, so He made all the creatures paused and posed for you...