Wednesday, June 23, 2010

rent it, buy it.
just make sure you see it.

(thanks to a commenter, you can view the entire film here:
You T*be)

i have no words- the film speaks for itself.
in a language i was not expecting.


  1. Thank you. I will search for it right now.

  2. own it...definitely a must see.

  3. wow that was quite something, i watched it on youtube. extremely interesting , one thing that i thought was that she , should and could have been better prepped before going , i think it would have saved her alot of hurt. If its such a comman accourance that children support there parents there, it would have been good for the agency to warn her extensivly before, because i can just imagine how hurt/used she must have felt when her brother asked for monthly support payments.

    cisca from amsterdam

  4. cupcake: she was a product of her upbringing. it falls on the shoulders of APs to educate their children. she was treated by her family as if VN wasn't even a part of her identity. how sad for her to grow up this way. what a shame to have lost her first family (essentially) again because of the ignorance of her adoptive family. i blame her mother, more than i ever would an agency, though they are in part to blame for not educating their clients.

  5. If people now a days are barely prepared to adopt, living with lady bugs and red threads in their heads, can you imagine back then? She had no cultural reference point. It is sad situation for all of them. A film everyone connected with adoption should see.

  6. It's funny you mention this because I was just telling my dad about this video last weekend when we talked about someday finding and meeting D's family.

    To be honest, I was surprised the woman that accompanied her to VN didn't prepare her better. It was really sad to me.

  7. I watched this movie a couple of months ago and am still thinking about the people involved. I ended up watching it on y0uTuBe, but it was also interesting to see the comments left behind by other viewers - many were VERY critical of the adopted daughter.

    Since the movie was made a few years ago I wondered how the daughter and her family members were doing - but I couldn't find any information on the internet. Were you able to find any information?