Sunday, September 18, 2011

she's got a way about her

ellis gaomei
(pentax k1000, kodak ektar 100)

saturday i spent my day laboring away at work... and E and baba came up for a visit. she, of course, was beside herself with giddy. as a matter of fact, 2 days prior, she had been tearful before bed because she was so upset i was working on a weekend day- a time she cherishes with both her dad and me.

not long after we said our good-byes (which included much begging and cajoling- "finish your work fast Mama!" with attempts to pull me toward the car), my cell rang and and G laughed into the phone, telling me that as E was wheeling herself through the ER parking lot and the garage, she had been yelling at the top of her lungs: "I love you Mama! I love you Mama!" over and over.

and that they had a very sweet conversation in the car:

E: "baba, i love mama SO bad i can feel it in my stomach"
Baba: "you can?"
E: "yeah, and i can feel it in my head too"

upon hearing this, i have to say, my heart turned into pure mush. i was reduced to a puddle. and if she'd asked me to take the moon from the sky for her, i am certain i would at that very moment have found a way to do it for her.


  1. If I remember correctly, it took her awhile to say such words at all, much less so strongly? Earned love is truly magnificent... and humbling.

  2. I saw a man walking a bull dog today and thought of you and sent some good wishes your way.

  3. Nothing beats the total love of a child.

    Nothing tugs at a momma's heartstrings more than these beautiful words!

  5. Gosh those ARE the magic words aren't they?! Wonderful, precious, just like your sweet girl. She rocks the hat BTW, but you knew that. ;0)

  6. Hi, thank you so much for inviting me to your blog again! Glad you came across my message in YouTube. And so happy to see your girl so healthy and happy! She's put on weight since the last time I saw her photo. You've a great family. Life is beautiful :-)