Sunday, September 25, 2011


E: "mama... I wanna marry YOU"

Me: "that is so sweet E. but we can't get married, silly goose! we
will always love each other and we will always be mama and daughter"

E: "well, I can help you get married"

Me: "I would really like if you helped me get married sweet pea.
What will I wear?"

E: "orange pants. because you like orange fanta.
and a light pink shirt. do you like light pink mama?"

Me: "i do like pink, it reminds me of MY mama.
what will you wear?"

E: "the same one, just like you mama"

Me: "will you be right next to me when I marry Baba?"

E: "that's too many people mama. i wanna marry you".

sigh. girl wants what the girl wants.


  1. Sweet, so...getting married?! Congratulations!

  2. Oh, I can't WAIT to see your wedding pics now that I hear the plan! When my brother got married, he and his wife had vows, but so did her children accepting my brother as their stepfather and he accepting them as his children. Sadly the vows between he and his wife didn't last, but the ones with the kids did. He's divorced now, but still close with the children, now adults. What does she have in mind for the Freedom Master to wear?

  3. well, since in her mind Baba shouldn't be there at all, no plans for Baba's attire. :) as for vows between him and E, there won't be any- he has been her father since day one and she has never known any different. i think we will try to incorporate a lighting of a candle or incense or something to symbolize us as a family. not sure.

    and that's if we stick to this whole "wedding" plan. part of me just wants to elope!

  4. You are going o be a very visual bride in your pink and orange...sort of Dora-ish. Snort.
    I think the girl has a great idea.

  5. I think this is sweet. At least you should have orange and pink flowers. And don't give up on your wedding plans. It is a day to do something special, whatever that means to you.

  6. Zoe told me she was going to marry Noah. When I explained that she couldn't because he was her brother, she said, "Well I'm just not going to get married at all then."

  7. Can't wait for those wedding pics, you will certainly be a colorful bride :)
    with a most colorful attendant as well!