Thursday, July 14, 2011

yellow door




blue cloud happiness




my buddy, july 1 2011


(pentax k1000, kodak max 800, film)

filling our days. bowling games, new and first tattoos, dinner out, playing, wishing, working through the rough spots, listening to the rain. some days easier. some not. holding his ashes close like a treasure along with the last photo i ever took of him, the one you see above. i remember asking God for some sign that it was time, even though i already knew it was. and i suppose his decision to sit on the blanket we had prepared for him before the vet came was sign enough.

do not worry for my sadness. for in it there is a peace and an infinite joy and an even greater love, and the knowledge that he is the reason for all of it.


  1. I'm glad to see you're holding up OK. Going day-to-day must be similar, I suppose, as wading through water, experiencing a kind of resistance that is more emotional than physical but equally taxing.

    A good friend of mine passed away today. He had been ill for the past few months, gradually deteriorating until his body could take no more. It was one a series of setbacks that ultimately resulted in his death. Like you, I'm trying to stay busy and active, but sooner or later (I'm sure you experience the same thing) my mind goes back to his passing. Anyway, we should celebrate their lives, right? And be glad we knew them for as long as we did. Yet doing this--settling for a celebration of their memory-- some times feels like such an anemic and meager compromise.

    All the best to you, G, and E.

  2. I have so enjoyed reading about your journey with your precious Ransom. I have had beagles most of my life and lost my sweet Molly over a year ago...Always will she live in my heart as I know Ransom will live in yours. Hiro is amazingly cute!!! what a sweet little face! I have been following your blog for a long time and am in the middle of an adoption journey from Russia myself. I thank you for sharing. Stephanie (