Tuesday, July 5, 2011

from her heart


saturday morning, after we let Ransom go...

E: "Mama, you can sleep with my dog and you can hug him and put him under the covers because you miss Ransom"

Me: "Come here sweet pea" (scooping her up in my arms, shedding fresh tears) "That is so sweet. I would love to sleep with your little Ransom"

E: "Yeah because that will make you feel better"

The next day, when we were at the museum she looks up at me.

E: "Mama, my lips are red for KISSING" (big annunciation on this word, as it is very important in her vocabulary apparently)

Me: "Oh? They are? Well, just who are you going to kiss?"

E: "You Mama. They are red like Ariel. For kissing".

I must say that though grief and sadness have settled in my heart, she has her way of lifting my spirit so easily and in ways that often leave me in stitches.


  1. Wow, that is a STUNNING photo of E!!! She just keeps getting more & more beautiful every time I see her sweet face!

    Amazing how our little ones wrap their love around us in their own unique ways...soooo precious. Hold onto that...I know you will ;)
    Thinking of you...

  2. Oh, you are right. Our children's loving responses to our sadness and grief can just take your breath away. My beloved keeshond passed unexpectedly three years after my daughter came home. I am so happy that we were a threesome for those years! Hugs to you as you learn to adjust--but will never forget or replace.

  3. from the mouths of babes..
    thought of you today and wished you a lighter heart <3

  4. Children have a way of healing wounds. What a sweet thing to say and what a beautiful photograph K. Your photography, the way you capture personality, are unequal.

  5. She is looking so mature these days. What a love bug!! Hug her tight fir us. We miss you guys!!

  6. She is beautiful.
    I think that I could only let my dog go because I had my girl with me otherwhise I wouldn't do it, she kept me smiling and E will do the same with you.

  7. What a tender-heart she has, she knew the right things to say to her mama.

  8. Oh my so sweet. They do know how to bring a smile back to your face, don't they.

  9. She's a beautiful little girl, inside and out. :)