Friday, June 10, 2011

(pentax k1000, film)
E in June, this year.


E in April of this year- barely fitting into her first chair (she has fast outgrown it!)

i'm gonna get you!
February 2010, just after she received her chair (once it was customized)

here i go
one year ago, in the same chair you see above (not her sports chair).


uncle jay, aunt karen and mei mei
December 2009, before customization

unbelievable to me how this baby girl has become little girl- i miss her tiny
28 pound (yes, at almost 4 years old!) body that we first met :o)

and yet, i am so very proud of who she is and how we have come to
know one another. i'm not sure if she has changed or if we
have just come to understand her as she has opened up
over these last (almost) 2 years together.

all i know is that we have one dang amazing child in our midst
and we are very blessed by her presence in our lives.

(kindergarten next year!

kindergarten! people!)


  1. She is Beautiful. Cna't believe its almost 2years.

  2. AH! We will both have kindergarten students!! Crazy...well even crazier I will have a freshman in high school (Hannah) and a junior in high school (Ben).

    I need a drink!

  3. Wow!!! Almost 2 years already?!?! And Kindergarten!! E will ROCK Kindergarten, for sure!! Such a beauty, your girl!

    Time...why does it have to go so fast?!

  4. Beautiful images, amazing how fast two years have gone by. She is going to enjoy Kindergarten so much.

  5. She is definitely a shining star. But you already know that. She will love the big K.