Saturday, May 21, 2011

ransom of many names

Boober Doozer :)
(yashi, kodak ektar 100 film)

Mr. Fat Pants. Buddy. Licky Larry. Lean-To. Boober Doozer. My Boy. Stinker-Do. Mister Man. sometimes, just Mister. or Boob.

today i learned your liver is "bigger" and your abdomen has several enlarged lymph nodes, and of course, the ones in your neck are so firm like rocks only these keep growing and i know that this hardness means the cells are replicating at an astronomical rate like something i can't even fathom- i know this because this is my work this is what i do and knowledge is not always a good thing or at least in this case maybe a little ignorance would be bliss. but mostly Buddy, mostly what i heard was that you have become fat (hee!hee!)- that made me smile from ear to ear. because treats are the best and your favorite and you deserve as many as you want for as many days or dare i hope for weeks as you have left.

something tells me the more nicknames you have, these funny terms of endearment, the greater you are loved :) i think i will keep naming you Buddy, even long after you are gone.


  1. Plumper Do! You've got some stuff in that trunk Ransom! Sit and rest a while buddy...until the next STEAK or HAMBURGER is ready! I love you, little man.

  2. I was fearful to read as the page loaded.
    Your pain is palpable.
    Feel my hug... I'm praying for weeks.

  3. Boober Butt! Stay fat and sassy!!!!

  4. Love all the nicknames. I couldn't resist giving that face treats either!

  5. We lost our dog last week and I love reading your posts about Ransom as they truly take a piece of our heart with them!!!
    Hugs to you and your "Hunk of Love"

  6. Sending you a hug and a snack for your buddy.