Monday, March 7, 2011

so quiet... did you hear that? who's there? oh. hey! what's up?! good to see you!

don't eat your foot!

(holga 120fn, kodak ektar 100 film)

but we're just having too much fun for blogging these days. spent the whole weekend doing yard work as the weather was seriously fabulous (breezy, 70s, could not ask for better) and then we went out and bought some acrylic paints and a variety of canvases and spent the afternoon making some artwork yesterday. our legs were tooooo tired for outdoor activity!

i'm also posting more at IF as i just can't stop taking film photos and trying to learn all that i can about the cameras i haul with me just about everywhere we go. hope you guys had a great weekend!

don't eat your foot. or put your foot in your mouth. or chew your toenails. blech! :)

(and E, for the record, can in fact get half of that foot in her mouth!)


  1. Seriously, if I had to guess the number of times each day I say some version of "not in your mouth" to Lulu, I'd have to guess 25ish. And that's with her spending 85% of the day in preschool, too. Most of the time it's either her toes or her stuffed animals' ears and tails. So gross.

  2. I have a toenail chewer. Blurgh!

  3. Bing-Bing likes to eat goldfish cracker from between her toes. Blech... and yet an impressive skill.