Thursday, March 17, 2011

"the kissers"

reflection of love

this past weekend we strolled downtown because the weather was divine and we all enjoy a walk in the late afternoon (and any excuse to make pictures). E was delighted as well and when we happened upon this couple there was nothing we could do to divert her star struck gaze from their hand holding and gentle pecks. they seemed content that i capture them in the reflection of a store across the street, or perhaps, blinded by young love, didn't even notice any of us or assumed i was photographing the storefront and not what was reflected in it.

and E? well, E is all about the kissing lately. she literally had to be physically pulled from her spot, in protest, so that we could go about our meandering through the city. over and over, she'd repeat, "but i wanna see the kissers. can we go back to the kissers?" and since we certainly have never referred to anything as a "kisser" in our house, (having used the term kiss or kissing), it was tough to contain our own giggles and respond to her without losing cool. since we were not heading back in the direction of "the kissers", she then started demanding that baba and i kiss, saying we don't do that enough! more laughter, and of course, we obliged once or twice.

when we had no choice but to pass by this same building again, you would have thought we were walking through the gates of W*lt Disn*y World and heading for Buzz himself. imagine her disappointment when the twosome had departed and those stairs were empty. it was time for us to head to the car for jackets and to unload some of the cameras before dinner, anyway, so we made our way.

this is the conversation that unfolded:

e: "i want to see the kissers"
mama: "i know sweet pea. i think it's wonderful that you like to see people that love each other, it's a beautiful way to show someone how you feel. but they already left. i bet they got hungry too and maybe they went to get some dinner"
e: "well, maybe we can go back" (to the stairs)
mama: "sweet pea they aren't there anymore, remember?"
e: "well... we could follow them"
baba: "honey that's called stalking"
e: "well...i can stalk them"


insert the laughter that could no longer be contained, by any of us, even though she didn't have a clue what triggered our outburst!


  1. lol. I love that E wants to stalk them!

  2. Oh, what a lovely story (and an awesome photo!)

  3. Take her BACK to the "kissers" you "MEANER!"

  4. I love that photo - - I can see it blown up poster sized and being the center point of kitchen wall. Gorgeous!

    And funny story about E, as well!

  5. Um, that was me, btw, not Spike. He keeps forgetting to sign himself out of his google account on my computer.

  6. Well, I laughed for the first time today:0)

  7. Lovely reflection, and what a precocious E!

  8. Don't you just love the innocence? precious!

  9. I love the way children talk! E is awesome!