Wednesday, August 11, 2010

conversation with e

often, E likes to play "work". she pretends to pack up her purse, her "brella", keys, and phone- then takes her leave for a long day in the rat race. there are hugs and kisses good-bye, i love you's, and "see you soon"s. she returns at 4 or 8, with a triumphant "i'm home!", more hugs and kisses, and an affirmation of "it's good to see you" thrown in for good measure.

today, she had her umbrella out and open, was carrying a ball, and had put her D*ra watch on. so i knew. she had a plan and was headed somewhere important. naturally, i assumed it would be work. apparently, she has the day off. and much bigger plans.

Mom: "where are you going, e?"

E: "i'm going home"

Mom: "oh you are? where is home?"

E: "far away"

Mom: "it is? where is it?"

E: "china"

Mom: "so you're going home to China?"

E: "mmm-hmmm. you can come. and jie jie, and all the kids".


  1. Talk about processing it all out. I'm speechless. Impressed, touched and speechless. Can we all live in E's world? Where we all get to go home and be together with everyone we love?

  2. May she never ever lose that sense of purpose and the determination to make things happen. God bless.

  3. Briana often talks about going to China when she plays. I know one day she will go back to see the country of her birth. I'm going to make sure of it. I'm sure E will go back too one day.

  4. Home is where your heart is, and all of that. E's beautiful little heart lives in more than one place.

  5. Sweet, sweet girl. This is so healthy for her.
    I just know that this girl will find what she needs in life.

  6. I love convos with E. She moves me.

  7. I am always amazed of how their little minds work. Sweet E!
    Happy weekend.

  8. She is doing so well - after such a short time home really - im communicating her thoughts and feelings to you. What beautiful times you are sharing.

  9. I'm glad you get to go. BB sometimes takes a boat to China when she's in the bathtub. Her "boat" is a backbrush and I've been lucky enough to take the trip too. It's a lovely one, isn't it?