Thursday, July 11, 2013

in this summer

A second spinal cord surgery, done. She is pain free, but not without new challenges. We are making the best of it and hoping for gradual and lifelong improvement.

me and my girl, second day post op
And now that surgery is past, we acquired a new wheelchair thanks to our friend Hayley and massive fund raising efforts (this chair allows Ellis to move over terrain she never has been able to independently before), and visited some family we miss like crazy- Aunt Kimmy and crew drove out  from Texas to say hi... our girl has proven she is ALL about family. She truly adores each and every last one of them, from grandparents to aunts/uncles to cousins.

chair train (cole)
only one missing: our Tod-o
cole, ellis, reed
ellis and aunt kimmy
  And then we squeezed in a wonderful trip to a beautiful aquarium just 2 hours south of us...

bubbles and  hands
baba and ellis
ellis in the water
silhouette 2
purple jellyfish
hello stingray
ellis and steam
silver fish
water play
Such a blast, can't wait to do this again.

Here's to the rest of the summer and memories in the making!


  1. I just love this girl so brave with a heart so big <3

  2. She is so beautiful & so amazing!