Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hiro-san's Lessons



a girl and her dog

rest stop

the path



winter trees

so nice to meet you

for you


you lose! good day sir!

smile, i'm on camera
(canon EOS rebel, kodak ektar 100 film)

Hiro-san says,

life is full of challenges and stress, but pause often and take in the world around you. it is a world full of treasures. smell it. watch it. tilt your head toward the wind & bark at it. and if you're not tasting it, you are really missing out. leaves are the stuff. give them a try. if you're not willing to eat them, take your shoes off. how often do you let your feet get dirty? get dirty! greet new people with enthusiasm. smile at them, sniff them, if you are so inclined. better yet-lick their toes! rest when you need to and never worry what others think of you. you can't help that you snore and belch and sometimes drool! (okay, wait, i can't help that). apologize when you make mistakes. forgive immediately. kiss and hug and snuggle and take lots of naps. be a best friend. invite others to play. run, jump, chase each other through the woods, engage those you love in a healthy game of tug-o-war. smile when you win. smile when you lose. cuz that's what it's about. that's the ticket! living! now! with the ones you love. right here, in this moment. so go on with it!


  1. Love it! Feeds my soul. Fills my heart. Give that puppy a treat. ;0)

  2. What a perfectly wonderful post. I love those pictures & I usually have my sound off, so not sure how long you've had that song about being in love with your best friend on there...but LOVE that too!!

  3. Coming here and looking at your photographs I feel like I can take a pause. A deep breath. Start again. Thank you.

  4. I ditto Erica's feelings. I love this post--both text and pictures and the whole zen of it! Blessings to all four of you.